Hit and Miss

Camel and black – a classy color combo I can’t get enough of, which is why I quickly purchased this elegant cotton top (Baci brand) found at LOOKS in Harvard Square…funny enough, found it when I wasn’t ‘LOOKING’, was just walking through the quaint neighborhood on my way to lunch, drawn in by the cool window displays…

For a day at the office when a more relaxed outfit was in order, I paired it with a black pleated skirt, and accessorized with a black belt and gold hoops. Simple, comfortable, easy breezy. But that’s not all! Another serendipitous purchase added the wow factor!

Found this faux fur jacket at Holiday on Charles Street in Boston…the brand is ‘Pretty Little Sister’, it is as soft as you can imagine, and truly a bargain in the $100 range (even Peter was surprised)…bring on the glam!

With the animal print trend exploding in everything imaginable, I am no longer resisting, since it’s really one of my favorite prints and it goes with so much in my closet. Oh. You noticed the new rug? Haha. You should see my new shower cap. πŸ˜‰

So why is this post called ‘Hit and Miss’? Because one of these two purchases I only wore once before I decided that I had made a mistake. Do you know which it is? If you guessed the Baci top, you are correct.

Why??? I will use an Armenian word to explain: ‘annshanook’. What does that mean? It means ‘too much’, and not in a good way. My boobs look annshanook. No joke, and not attractive. Get this off me!! Will either return it, consign it , or give to my daughter…

But the jacket is a big HIT! I have already worn it several times with jeans/leather pants…it is super cozy, makes a fun statement, and looks fabulous with black/white basics. And hubby likes that it didn’t break the bank!

Ya win some, ya lose some! Have YOU ever made a purchase that you only wore once???

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  • OMG yes!!! The sweater jacket I have on today!! Loved it when I bought it, put it and on today and it’s going back. What I thought was deep coral is orange.
    Definitely NOT a good color for me!

    • Hahaha! At least you made your mind up! Better to decide quickly so you can return it. πŸ˜‰


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