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Valentines Day has come and gone – hope you enjoyed something sweet, romantic, or both!  With hubby away on business that week my evening was spent babysitting, which totally fits the sweet category. (Sweet exhaustion!) During the day, it was off to work as usual.  Oh, but it’s Valentine’s Day. What do I wear?  Hmmm, something RED?  Considered  that but then decided – you guessed it – too predictable. 😉


Oats cashmere sweater, Portobello Road; BCBG skirt from BCBG shop

Even though red was ruled out, I still wanted one or two details that expressed the sentiment of the day – finally settled on lace and leather.  Starting at the top, the sweater is a luxurious cashmere crop top!  To wear it conservatively, I added a plain black cami underneath – perfectly work appropriate and nicely shows off the waist of the skirt.  Seen below is the same sweater worn last year for a night on the town. If you are over 40 and want to wear a crop top, pair it with a high waisted skirt or trousers. A little peek of skin is fun, too much belly gets trashy.

tummy sweater

Ok, back to the present!  Maroon skirt is faux leather from BCBG, looks and feels like the real thing.  Booties are by Via Spiga – with a skirt below the knee you need a higher heel to avoid looking schlumpy.  The black pumps would be my first choice, but with all the ice and snow not a smart choice, would even look silly. (Ginger Lesson, “Always Dress According to The Weather”)


Aren’t these tights fabulous? They are from Wolford, one of my favorite shops. This exact pattern may no longer be sold, but they have similar ones available that are just as beautiful.  While you certainly can find other brands at lower price points, you won’t find any that are this comfortable. (And they last!)023 It’s still winter, hat, scarf, gloves and off I go…

What did you wear on Valentines Day? Two of my colleagues made festive choices: Kate wore a scarf with a subtle heart print, Orah wore a fabulous raspberry colored skirt with black tights and top.

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