Investment Pieces

Renee Lange suit, Ginger's Chanel bag, Aquatalia boots
Renee Lange suit, Ginger’s Chanel bag, Aquatalia Rhumba boots

Some of us may be fortunate enough to spend freely on clothing items without ever considering cost. Not most. For the vast majority, we shop with some consideration to a budget. When you pick up an item in a store and see a hefty price tag, many of you probably put it down immediately – Whoa! Omigod! That’s too much! No way! OK…take a deep breath: I ask you to reconsider for certain items – “investment pieces”.
“Wait a minute”, said Peter when I used this term – “investments increase in value with time – clothes do not.” No, clothes will certainly not increase in value, but if you purchase a high priced CLASSIC item that you will wear for YEARS, I consider that a very good investment, an excellent value. As I explained to him about my Aquatalia suede waterproof boots (pictured above and on Kate Middleton below): if you take the cost divided by the number of times I have worn them in the past five years, they are a steal!! (Should have seen his face on that one…) Honestly, to look so chic and also be warm, comfortable, and have dry feet in snow and slush!! Worth every penny. One of Ginger’s favorite investment pieces is also in the photo above, her Chanel quilted bag. Here I am carrying it probably 35 years after she bought it, still looks like new.

So how do you decide when to splurge? When is a purchase a truly wise “investment”?

Here are my guidelines:
– Yes to classic styles and colors; the black Chanel, the traditional Louis Vuitton. Look for a bargain if you want a trendy item.
– Yes if it is going to affect your quality of life; comfortable shoes, waterproof boots.
– Absolutely yes if it will be something you wear/use often – not just for a special occasion.
– Yes if it is versatile; a classic jacket that can be worn to work or on the weekend with jeans.
– My goodness yes if you find it in a consignment shop or off-price store!

Ralph Lauren blazer; Pinterest photo
Ralph Lauren blazer; Pinterest photo
Kate Middleton in Aquatalia Rumba boot
Kate Middleton in Aquatalia Rhumba boot
Louis Vuitton bag; Pinterest photo
Louis Vuitton bag; Pinterest photo
Rag and Bone bootie; Pinterest photo
Rag and Bone bootie; Pinterest photo
Mackage jacket; Pinterest photo Great brand!
Mackage jacket; Pinterest photo
Great brand!

What would you consider splurging on? I would love to hear!!

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