The Joy of Old Favorites

This simple combination of skirt and blouse incorporates many of my beliefs about dressing well:

  • You can’t go wrong when you stick to neutral colors.
  • Shop your favorite shops often so you can take advantage of the great sales.
  • Everything you wear need not be high end.
  • Splurge wisely on things that you will wear for years.
  • Less is more; resist the temptation to over accessorize.

The beige silk blouse is not high end, but it sure looks it. Bought a few years ago at Ann Taylor, a neutral that goes well with my work wardrobe. The skirt is from Wolford, the high end pantyhose shop. Their prices are high, but their sales are incredible! Found this unique skirt on sale a few years back. Again, love the neutral color combo.  How to decide on accessories?  When you keep them simple, it makes what you are wearing look more special, as if to say they ‘don’t need it’…a couple of gold bracelets and salt water pearl drop earrings added just enough. Ok, here is my splurge – adorable Gucci shoes with block heels and polished leather. Super comfortable, versatile, and a classic, chic style. If you’re going to splurge on a shoe, ask yourself how often you will wear it – if it’s only for certain occasions because of your lifestyle or because they really aren’t that comfortable, skip it. A wise investment is one you will enjoy often.  Not sure if it was my mood or the bows on my feet, but I opted for a sheer wool wrap instead of a jacket. This one belonged to Ginger, over twenty years old, as is the Chanel bag. Nothing that I am wearing here is new, yet each piece ‘sparks joy’.  When you walk out the door each day – wherever you may be going – why not start out wearing something that puts a spring in your step, and a smile on your face?  You can’t control what comes your way each day, but you sure can choose your outfit!

Let’s hear from YOU.  Does it affect your mood when you like what you’re wearing?

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  • Yes, what I’m wearing affects my mood. I want to feel good in my clothes. Those shoes are to die for.

  • it absolutely does! I wear a lot of black, white and beige. When it’s gray outside, I make sure to wear color so it will elevate my frame of mind for the day. It also makes the people I see remark about “looking cheerful” on that particular day. Just bought a pair of block heels in bordeaux I can’t wait to wear!


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