The Cereal Scare


For those of us – of all ages – that care about staying in shape, it is absolutely not only about hitting the gym regularly.  It requires continuous attention to what goes in your mouth – at mealtime and in between meals; whether you are at home, or away for business or pleasure. As someone who travels often for business, I have by now figured out ways to eat healthy when on the road…for breakfast at the Courtyard Marriott there are a few options that I will select from – one of which is the single serving of Special K Cereal.

No way this K!

On a recent morning while away I looked at the cereal selection and saw Special K, but it had a purple cover, not the original red and white one.  “Can I take a look at the Special K please?” I asked the woman at the counter.  She handed me the round single serving box and I began to read the calories, the protein, the carbs – “AHHHHHH!” I gasped as I dropped the box like a hot potato!   The woman looked at me as if I were nuts.   “SIXTY-FOUR CARBS???”I said.   No f’ing way! (I didn’t say that.)




Courtyard’s ‘Healthy Start’


They were all out of the original Special K, and all out of Cheerios which both have only 26 carbs/serving.  Hmmm. Guess I will go with the ‘Healthy Start’ sandwich…





The ‘Healthy Start’ is an egg white/spinach/turkey sandwich with cheese.  I order it without the turkey and always remove the top half of the english muffin, which also takes off half the cheese.  It’s a good balance of protein and carbs, and pretty tasty too.  Another time I observed another guest (fit middle-aged man in gym clothes) in line ordering this, but he was told they were all out.  He paused…then turned around and walked away.  Hmmm, I thought, he’s completely committed to healthy eating too.  Made me feel like we had a special bond. 😉

One of my friends skips breakfast altogether, while another routinely has sautéed spinach and blueberries!  Or conversely, after the gym, those that down a high calorie smoothie with a bagel – I call that a ‘WOW’ – Waste of Workout.

How about you?  What’s your breakfast routine?

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  • I’m embarrassed to admit that my breakfast during the work week must be portable. I have a 45 minute commute and that is when I eat breakfast. It usually involves a nut butter and an apple or banana, and green tea. It could be worse I guess.

  • 3/4 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup mixed berries, 1 slice Ezekiel whole wheat bread, toasted . Keeps me full for hours

    • Wow! You are quite structured and specific. I may try the cottage cheese!


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