Just Because

Why am I wearing a suit in the middle of a pandemic? Just because. Because I look in my closet every morning and see all these nice clothes that I have no reason to wear…so when I had reason to leave my kitchen office one day to head into the office for a few hours – even though nobody else would be there – that was reason enough for me! ;-)

This fabulous suit came from Banana Republic, bought this year in early March…it is simple, elegant, and perfect on a petite frame – but it did take the attention of a tailor to look this way. Unlike skirts where you can wear different heel heights, the length of pants MUST be tailored to the heel height you intend to wear with them. (Go as high as you dare!) Notice how beautifully the pant leg drapes, and the flared bottom is very flattering, especially with a high wedge shoe. At only 5’3″, don’t I look taller?

While you are at the tailor, hem those sleeve cuffs too! Some jackets may have sleeves that are fun to roll up, but not all! This jacket looks much nicer and more polished with the sleeves tailored to the end of the wrist.

What else adds to the elegant look is keeping to a neutral palette…this top is by Elie Tahari, I have had it for many years and it still looks great…even though there’s not much to it, I love the color and the fact that it completely covers your bra straps…(almost completely, haha!)

Did I mention that the suit is machine washable? Another plus for sure!

Sure did enjoy this opportunity to venture out of my kitchen for a few hours…

As we are now in month FIVE, it’s pretty clear that social distancing is not going to end anytime soon…hopefully you are all surviving – physically, financially, and spiritually. Hopefully you have found new ways to socialize, new ways to connect with people, and new ways to enjoy each day.

We all have our ups and downs. Though you only see smiles in my photos, believe me, I have my down moments too – which is why I always look for opportunities to feel better: Dressing up – just because.

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • You look lovely in white. I start back to work a week from today. I have purchased about 10 masks that are washable. I will have to wear one every day. Not looking forward to that. Stay well.


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