Lady in Leather

Used to be that wearing leather was exclusively for casual wear, and/or associated with a tough, motorcycle rider image. Not any more!  For the past few years the availability of leather separates and dresses has dramatically increased in styles to fit many occasions and in a wide range of price points. Yes, leather is appropriate in a ‘Business Casual’ office, and even in more formal settings.  It is all about the style, color, fit, and how you accessorize it.

This feminine jacket (Tribe brand) has loose, unconstructed styling without buttons or zippers. Works just as well with jeans as it does over a sheath dress.

Under the leather jacket are two great basics with conservative, tailored style.

The cranberry skirt is by BCBG, bought a few years back, supposedly they are no longer in business. Interesting to note is that is it faux leather and I am a huge fan.  Many brands make faux leather (sometimes called ‘pleather’) that is really undistinguishable from real – and WAY less costly.  If a piece looks, feels, and fits well do not be turned off because it is faux.  You can even wear real and faux together as I do here.

The white silk blouse is by Equipment, found at Intermix.  (Also, I have often found Equipment blouses at Revolve.)  Love the detail of stiff cotton cuffs that can be worn all buttoned up or mostly unbuttoned and turned up, a cool look over a jacket sleeve.

Bargain two-tone shoes from Ann Taylor






To balance the edginess of the leather, an elegant two toned pump…


And last but not least, an ivory silk Burberry scarf for a finishing touch.  Ready for business!


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