Four Essential Fall Fashion Tasks

One thing I learned from Ginger at an early age was that the change of season means time to clean your closets!  Well, I don’t really clean my closet, but definitely give it close attention.  Now that fall is here, here are four tasks that are a must for me…

  1. CLOSET PURGE – No kidding yourself ladies, go through all your sweaters, jeans, skirts, blazers, dresses and toss, donate, or consign whatever doesn’t ‘spark joy’.  Is the sweater too baggy? The jeans never fit right? The blazer is dated? You are just sick of that dress? Let it go!  If you are hesitating about whether to keep something that alone is a signal that you don’t love it. Let it go!  Keeping items you don’t love only clutters your closet, makes you think you have more than you really do, and makes it harder to coordinate outfits and get dressed.  I have already purged jeans, two dresses, a tunic, two jackets, and a few tees.  Some went to Revolve, some to daughter Hayley, some to Goodwill. Guilt free.
  2. VISIT YOUR COBBLER – Take out all your boots, booties, and favorite pumps and closely examine the heels, soles, and toes.  Are they looking worn?  Throw them in a bag and off to the cobbler you go!  This year I thought some of my favorite boots were beyond repair and I almost tossed them in the trash – but no!  Arthur’s Show Repair saved them! They revitalized my black suede Gucci boots and repaired the heels of leather Stuart Weitzmans.  (Wish that I had remembered to take a ‘before’ pic!) The shop is at 679 Mt. Auburn St, in Cambridge – incredible workmanship and top notch customer service.
Stuart Weitzman boots over 10 years old – Like brand new!!! Amazing!

3.  MAKE A LIST – You purged your closet so now you know you need new black jeans – maybe with a higher waistline for a change?   You know you could use a simple fitted black blazer to replace the relic you tossed!  You probably also need a few casual sweaters/tops to update your weekend wear.  Even if you don’t make a handwritten list, having a list in your head really helps you to stay focused when you hit the mall.

4.  PLAN FOR PARTIES – December is just around the corner and for many of us that means “What the heck am I going to wear to my work party??” or “What am I wearing to Jessica’s annual tree trimming party??”  No, you need not decide on your exact outfit this month, but do keep it fresh in your mind.  I am a firm believer that the best fashion treasures are found when you are not pressured to find something. The added plus is you will be able to relax and enjoy the holiday season.

How have you starting getting ready for the fall season?

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  • Terrific list. I love the sentence “guilt-free”. I think this is where I stumble sometimes by feeling the quality/price of the item to too high to discard. Unworn clothing doesn’t help anyone!

    • So true. And think of the joy it can bring someone else: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


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