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Truth be told, I almost skipped this post. Too boring. Who wants to see me in a plain white tee shirt? Nothing special here…actually, not so true.

As I was getting dressed this warm Sunday to hit the mall for a bit, Peter said, “You’re wearing work pants??” Ha! “They aren’t only ‘work pants’ just because I have worn them to work”, I replied with a bit of attitude. “Wearing them different ways gets more mileage out of them.” He smiles. Sees the blog post coming…

The ‘work pants’ are actually navy silk pinstriped by Theory. Wide elastic waist band, tapered to ankle. Have always worn with blazers and pointed toe navy suede pumps. As I often say, variety is the spice of life, so time for a change…

Sneakers by Vince


Instead of jeans or leggings, why not wear silk ‘pajama pants’ with slip-on sneakers?  Different, super comfortable, and more fashion forward. More fun!

The teeshirt is by Rag and Bone – one of my favorite all around brands.  The fabric and fit make it worth the extra cost.  Simple white cardigan was a Revolve purchase a few years back…not a special brand but it looks like Vince/Theory so I could not resist.




There is also a hidden benefit about this outfit – it is perfect for when you are shopping for clothes and trying things on in the dressing room – so easy to whip off the shoes, pants, and tee without any zippers, laces or buttons!  Quite efficient.

So, what did I buy this day? One purchase. It was black. Stay tuned…;-)

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  • I have 3 pair of slip on sneakers (black, blush pink, and leopard calf-hair) and I LOVE them so much! The new way you styled your work pants is exactly my weekend style (and truth be told, sometimes even my casual Friday style!)


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