Laid Back In Linen

Here is a simple business casual outfit for a hot summer day…because I was in the mood for a more relaxed, ‘laid back’ look, I opted to forego a blazer and instead let a white linen shirt take center stage…

Linen’s texture is a nice contrast to the smooth nylon skirt…with the sleeves rolled up and the buttons left undone, it’s relaxed summer chic to the max! Underneath is a taupe microfiber tank, a soft neutral that looks great with black and white…the gunmetal metallic shoes are professional, super comfortable, and add a bit of pizzazz…the brand is Brenda Zaro.

A bold silver choker nicely complements these simple coordinates without being the focal point…found this one years ago in a Cape Cod boutique…

Relaxed elegance! But now – the last decision of the morning – what scarf to take along? Burberry plaid is a no brainer, yet I also love my soft beige Chan Luu….

Time for a change! I chose a different Chan Luu, this one in a gorgeous shade of blue – not a color I often wear…do you like it? Check out some other colors online, they are SO COZY SOFT!

With the scarf tucked away in my bag, off to work I go!

The Bottom Line:

  • Always start the day with your linen ironed, but embrace the wrinkles that will occur as the day progresses; that’s part of the linen look!
  • Beware of boxy, baggy linen pieces; they may look comfy, but you will look sloppy and schlumpy.
  • Avoid head to toe linen. Wear it on the top or on the bottom, mixing it up with other fabrics.
  • Enjoy linen in the spring, summer and early fall; pack it away for the winter months.

Have a great weekend!

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