Leather and Dots

Mixing the old with the new
Tribe leather jacket, Equipment silk blouse, All Saints waxed cotton skirt, Arche shoes

Remember the movie ‘Working Girl’ with Melanie Griffith?  A very smart young lady works her way up the ladder, making some personal image changes along the way….good movie with a timeless message about personal image, among other things…..as someone who believes in dressing appropriate for work, sometimes you wonder – what is appropriate? Well, first and foremost, it depends on your job….if you work in a law firm your style will likely be more conservative than someone managing a hair salon….does this mean boring?   No way!…..it is perfectly acceptable to show personality and creativity within the limits of your work dress code – here is an outfit I wore recently to work that is perfectly suitable for a ‘Business Casual’ environment…..028One major plus here is that each separate piece is very versatile and can be worn for work or play….the leather jacket looks great with jeans, the waxed cotton skirt would be great in the evening with boots or high heels, and the polka dot blouse (found at Revolve!) would be fun untucked over leggings…..The red shoes by Arche I have already enjoyed wearing with a denim skirt (they are very Ginger inspired, she loved this brand and she loved red!) This ivory Burberry cashmere scarf has become a regular ‘go to’ accessory for me – it’s neutral, it’s cuddly, it’s classic.

032 Folding out the sleeve cuffs adds more visual interest….bring on the polka dots!029 If the morning temperature is above 60, I will usually opt for bare legs……maybe your dress code requires stockings and closed toe shoes?  In a more formal business environment, that is certainly ideal…..Well, now that summer is behind us this will be less of an issue and we will soon be wearing tights and boots……….

What is your work dress code?  Does it allow for creativity?

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