Mother/Daughter Night

Tickets to Cinderella!

After many childhood years of enjoying the television version of Cinderella (with the sweet Leslie Ann Warren), I could not pass up the chance to see the stage version now playing in Boston….leading up to this night, I was regularly playing Rogers and Hammerstein music on Pandora whenever Peter was not around….haha…..this was a girls night for sure! Our initial idea to get “really dressed up” got toned down a bit when the weather turned damp and chilly…..nevertheless, here’s what we wore…..

Wolford top, Burberry scarf, Lucky belt, A+Ellen skirt, Aquatalia boots
Wolford top, Burberry scarf, Lucky belt, A+Ellen skirt, Aquatalia boots

Ever since I found this faux suede fringed skirt in Puerto Rico, I have been dying to wear it – trendy for sure, but at a mere $40, no need to feel guilty! My favorite color combo is camel and black, so it was easy to pull out an old Wolford top and create a classy look…wearing a high boot instead of a bootie provides more balance/coverage, less bare leg for the revealing skirt….

Mackage wool jacket
Mackage wool jacket

The evening called for warm outerwear, wore a black leather trimmed Mackage jacket…Mackage is a great Canadian brand that I discovered a few years back and love!  Check out their website for where their stores are and/or where you can find their merchandise….022

Tulle sweater, Anthropologie necklace, skirt from Target!  Nine West booties
Tulle sweater, Anthropologie necklace, skirt from Target! Nine West booties

Here’s my daughter Hayley mixing neutrals and metallics – the night’s fairytale princess theme inspired her to go for the sparkles!  A thin merino sweater is her plain layer, purchased at Bessie Blue in Belmont…the cardigan from Helena’s in Belmont is glimmery, but in a very shabby chic way – almost like a boyfriend sweater that rolled in fairy dust! Wearing suede western booties was a nice way to offset the flashy skirt – effortless glamour!

My personal review of the show was that it was good, not great – the actors and voices were amazing, but the new script that modernized the show seemed forced and compromised the original  romance….Hayley did not agree, she preferred the stronger female character as a better role model for young girls…..there were a few funny lines about clothes, such as:  “You better own a beautiful ballgown if you want to marry a prince.”…….we would look at each other and crack up!…..also related to clothes, costume changes for Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother were done on stage, right before your eyes and  were quite remarkable….along with us, the many adorable little girls in the audience were certainly in awe….

Ready for Cinderella with our magic wands!
Ready for Cinderella with our magic wands!

The most moving character to me was the Fairy Godmother – aside from her incredible voice, her character truly conveyed the value of having a mentor (or a good friend or supportive family member) to raise you up and give you support and encouragement through tough times….

Who is YOUR Fairy Godmother???


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  • Caroline and I saw this oh, maybe 10 years ago with, of all people, Eartha Kitt as the fairy godmother. I too love this score. I’ve had a few fairy godmothers in my life, Ginger being one of them.


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