Leopard Lamp

According to Ginger, lamps are accessories of a room as important as choosing the right earrings for a dress.  The height of the lamp, the shape of the shade, the finial (the little knob on top), the color of the shade – all contribute to the right look.  I remember her having a cranberry silk pleated lampshade custom made with braided ivory/cranberry silk trim.  (Sure that cost my dad a pretty penny…)  In any given room, lamps were unique, never a “set”, never a white shade…..

This past month I have been on the hunt for a lamp in my living room to replace one that had been knocked off a table one too many times.  I searched online and poked in small home décor shops, looking for something with character that blended in my eclectic/traditional room.  When I laid eyes on this as I  casually wandered through a local antique shop – not expecting to find anything –  I stopped dead in my tracks and just stared – it was calling out to me!  Perfect size, distressed finish, adorable pull cords – and a leopard shade!   Yes, yes, yes, I just love animal prints!  Have leopard sheets, a leopard bathrobe, multiple animal print scarves, a zebra chair, a leopard jacket, leopard purse, a leopard candle, undies of course, you get the picture…..At first I wondered if it would be overkill animal print, but not at all – the fabrics in the room look chic and harmonious.  And to top it all off, it cost a fraction of what Ginger would have paid!

Great find in antique shop
Great find in antique shop

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