One Dress For All Seasons

Fall JM 2 Some days you are just not in the mood to put an outfit together and that’s when it’s great to have some basic dresses.  I love the brand J McLaughlin for their classy, versatile and comfortable styles that are flattering on curvy ladies.   Made of nylon and spandex, they are easy to wash and can be worn year round.  No zippers, no buttons, just pulls over your head  – up or down a pound or two, doesn’t matter!

Here is a black and ivory patterned favorite I have had a few years that I continue to wear in different ways.  It can be worn perfectly plain with nude pumps if you like the simple look – I prefer to add accessories and create something more interesting.  For the fall season above, I wear it with a yellow Guess jacket and black microfiber boots (Ann Klein).  The belt is a Versace that was a steal in a consignment shop.  For winter I would wear black opaque stockings and add my black beret….

For summer or spring I like it with this white denim J Crew jacket with Paul Mayer kitten heels that look very Chanel.  Bare legs are my preference…..In either season I like the Burberry plaid scarf to show a creative mix of patterns, but something colorful would look nice too.  Do you have a favorite dress for lazy days?

Summer J McL

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