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When I was in my early 40s, I can remember my mother saying “you’re almost 50, dress your goddamn age!” Whoa!!!
I think some women from a certain generation think once you are a mother – and/or once you hit 40 – it is time to give up anything that looks remotely sexy. Ginger and I definitely disagree on this one! I think regardless of your age, you can look not only super stylish, but also super sexy – if done correctly. You have to know what looks you like then how to make it work for your age.

Take lovely Eva, for example – I recently met her when I was doing a presentation on health care options. After the talk, she said hello and I remarked on how wonderfully stylish she was, wearing camouflage, a fashion scarf, and 2 inch heels. She proudly shared that she was in her 90s and always has loved clothes and actually feels better in a bit of a heel. She was glad to pose for me! Note that she chose a loose camo top, not tight or lowcut which would not have been a good choice.

Next is yours truly wearing a Vera Wang dress found in consignment. Perfect for over 50: not too tight, not too short, a bit covered up with the sheer long sleeves, but certainly sexy. If you were older or more conservative you might wear this with sheer black stockings and pumps. DVF leopard clutch adds pop and looks much more current than a black or even sparkly bag would look.

Finally, one of my idols, Diane Sawyer….she is well into her 60s and what a great sense of style. Here she wears a fitted top and skirt, shows off her great shoulders, but skirt is not too short, top is not too revealing. It is an elegant sexy.

I once heard on TV, don’t try to compete with the 20-somethings because you will never win. We all had our time to be that age. We may not have the flawless,firm, tight skin but we have the CONFIDENCE that our years give us – and confidence is sexy!

Eva looking great in camo!
Eva, in her 90s, looking great in camo!





Vera Wang

Age appropriate over 50
Age appropriate over 50
Diane Sawyer, in her 60s
Diane Sawyer, in her 60s

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  • Diane Sawyer is just gorgeous … and so well put together whenever I see images of her.

    My mother told my sisters and I that once you pass the age of 30 you need to start cutting your hair shorter. My eldest sister is 52 and her hair is past her shoulders, of course, mother shakes her head in disapproval, but we don’t subscribe to the same rules as she did. There are some that I do agree with but others I’ve chosen to ignore.
    Simply Sassy Style


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