Warm ambience

Ready for the turkey
Ready for the turkey

As I await the arrival of my family for Thanksgiving dinner, I admire the warm ambience and coziness of my home. One lesson from Ginger that I have embraced is “don’t be afraid of color”. I remember her saying how so many people used light colors (in a way that did not make a statement) because they were not comfortable with bold colors, they thought it would make a room look small, or their husbands would veto the idea….Ginger used lots of bold colored wallpaper, even black (in an old-fashioned tiny bathroom), and I do the same. Above in my dining room I selected a very deep red tone on tone floral – dramatic and rich against the off-white woodwork. When I initially showed my husband this wallpaper, he thought I was nuts but was good enough to let me choose when I said, “trust me”. He now loves it! Look at pictures in magazines and online to get ideas for color schemes you like and don’t be afraid to take the plunge – there is nothing like deep, rich colors to give a room “wow” factor. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you for reading my blog.

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