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Consignment shop treasures
Consignment shop treasures
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Now that the holiday season has begun, so has the planning for what to wear to the various holiday parties…..the ideal situation is that you already have perfect outfits in your closet and may only need to add new shoes or a new accessory – it can be so frustrating and exhausting to shop under pressure when you need an outfit and need it now – and you usually end up spending more than you want to… The reality is, stores will be packed with women looking for just that. The biggest piece of advice I can give you here is please please please AVOID THE PREDICTABLE! The most predictable example is red top with black pants – now that I have said this, take notice during the month of December – day or night – and see how many women wear this. It is like a North Pole uniform!! Instead of focusing on wearing red, focus on something more luxurious than you would normally wear – cashmere, leather, something flowing or with a bit of sparkle. Sometimes all you need is to add one piece to what you already have and you have transformed your look.

The outfit pictured here I found in my favorite consignment shop – dress and fur found on separate occasions when I was not looking for anything special. Just like life – sometimes great things come your way when you don’t expect it – but – you can’t be sitting at home…..a little philosophy here……
Dress is Escada, fur cape is Michael Kors – have worn both several times in different ways. The dress is sexy without being sleezy, perfect for over 50….still, I would NOT wear this to a business party, more for a party with friends or night on the town with hubbie.

I would gladly welcome comments and/or questions about what to wear to an upcoming event….happy shopping!

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