The Magic of Makeup


As a young girl visiting Ginger’s sister on family day trips, I can remember spending most of my time in her metallic gold bathroom playing with makeup. Turquoise eye shadow, black cake liner, orange lipstick – oh, yeah! For the most part it was drugstore makeup and harsh colors, but boy, did I love it. I even liked (and still do) the smell of lipstick!

The years have not changed my love for makeup, and I wear it daily, lots of practice so it doesn’t take much time. My personal style is not a natural look, but definitely “made-up”. I truly admire the look of less makeup, but for most of the time, not for me. (Yes, I wear mascara and lipstick on the beach….) Unless you are a young beauty with flawless skin, I do believe that makeup can work wonders for your appearance, give you a more polished and put together look, enhance what nature gave you!

Some of my favorites: Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer – it covers flaws, lightweight, gives you a bronzed glow…..NARS “Hot Voodoo” lipstick – nice neutral without being too light and making me look dead…..MAC “bittersweet” lipliner – lasts a long time, good with many lipsticks. Mascara – I change all the time, from Chanel to CVS brands, no addiction to one kind yet! On my magnifying mirror (ESSENTIAL item for over 40 set) is a cute little sign my daughter bought for her “drama queen” mom…..

What makeup items are your favorites?

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  • Love make-up, and love this blog! Who is helping you take all of these gorgeous photos?!? xo

  • Hi Candy,
    This is my first visit to your blog and definitely it will not be the last. As I started reading, I kept asking – who is Ginger? Well, I found it and it made the name of your blog so much more enjoyable and I would have loved to have met Ginger, she sounds like she was a charismatic woman indeed.

    I’ll definitely be visiting more often.
    Have a fabulous day
    Simply Sassy Style


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