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Glitter reindeer
Bargain sparkly reindeer

It seems that over the years I am drawn to certain Christmas decorations, like snowglobes and snowmen, and more recently, reindeer……there is something appealing and elegant to me about their shape, their antlers…..last year as I was updating my mantle decorations in a “full priced” shop,  a beautiful all glitter reindeer caught my eye.  As one might expect, it was not inexpensive and I chose to pass it up for other things I needed more……About a week later I was picking up a few items in Home Goods, waiting in line at the register when I saw a woman ahead of me holding the exact same glitter reindeer and pondering whether of not to buy it.  (please don’t buy it, please don’t buy it…..).   Very cool and casually I asked her how much is that reindeer?……UNDER TEN DOLLARS!  (Yes, $9.99)……I remained expressionless and casual as I watched her hold and view it from all angles…..holding my breath………In the wink of an eye, she handed it to the cashier and said, “No, thanks.”……..”I”LL  TAKE IT!” couldn’t come out of me fast enough.  I love my sparkly reindeer!

The old classic movie, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer has always been a favorite of mine, as it was for my two children.  The Steiff Rudolph pictured below was a gift from my sister.  The photo I display on it each year is of my children (they are now in their 20s) –  picture taken as they were watching the movie.  What is especially cute is this moment captures the part of the movie of the scary “abominable snowman”.   You can see the fear in my daughter’s face – and I snapped the picture when she reached out to hold her brother’s hand – he who was too young to be scared and obviously clueless!

Precious moment!


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