The Power of Pink

Pucci silk jacket
Pucci silk jacket

Announced last week in the Wall Street Journal, the Pantone “color of the year” for 2014 will be Radiant Orchid, which is a blend of fuschia, purple and pink. What this means is that you will likely see an abundance of clothing items as well as home appliances and home décor in this color….sounds good to me as I think pink can be both flattering and powerful. In the photo above I am wearing a Pucci pink silk jacket I found years ago at TJMax – soft color, perfect fit, Pucci lining that I like to show by turning up the cuffs. The “power” I believe it delivers is that it conveys warmth and approachability to an otherwise stiff/formal look. I love to wear it with black, would also look nice with grays….

More pink pointers: pink lighting at a wedding or other special occasion is very flattering to many skin tones… with navy can be a very polished, professional look, and very pale pink with black can be super sexy in a vintage/French way….and of course there is the pink and green preppy look, a la Palm Beach ladies…..

Ginger used to have a HOT pink pashmina (not pricey, not cashmere, she bought it for the color, not the fabric) that she would travel with to be warm on airplanes or throw on with basic black outfits…..I have it tucked away in a drawer somewhere…..maybe 2014 is the year to revive it!

What shades of pink do you prefer?

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