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Christmas in my home as a child was always a festive, magical, sensory delight.  Candles in the windows, real pine roping around the staircase and on the mantle, multiple varieties of petite homemade cookies, Armenian delicacies (hours in the kitchen), lace tablecloth, my sister and I in matching dresses, company on the way…..As I was wrapping gifts in my kitchen yesterday and later got a big reaction from my son-in-law on how they looked, it reminded me that it all started with Ginger.   She always used richly colored  papers and NEVER EVER the stick-on bows!   Photos here show a few gifts I just wrapped, always heavy weight paper usually found in off price stores.  I love vintage looks, glitter, and ALWAYS fabric ribbon.  If the ribbon is high quality you can tie a simple bow and it looks elegant.  Wired ribbon is also easy to work with and looks great.  Even animal prints can be festive with a red bow!

As I am preparing for the holidays – shopping, decorating, planning meals, wrapping gifts, etc – I think back to all my mother did with awe, how did she do it all??? – then I remember – HEY!  She didn’t work outside the home!  She was always a stay at home mom.  Okay!   Having more time – that makes perfect sense……..Now to think of working a demanding full time job and doing the holiday – I will pat myself on the back!    No, I do not bake homemade cookies or Armenian delicacies, but the house looks festive, we have plenty of yummy food, and we have lots of  fun with friends and family.   The fancy wrapping takes no extra time so it’s a detail I will continue to enjoy.


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