Lesson from Hayley

Daughter Hayley

Isn’t it funny how life can creep up on you and the tides change.  For many years we learn from our parents, then at a certain age, we also can learn lessons from our children. Having two bright adult children myself, I have certainly been learning from them in the past several years, from how to start a blog (hooray!) to where the latest Boston hot spots are.


A recent lesson took me quite by surprise.  It was another day at work for me, heading out on the Acela to our Greenwich, CT office. The only difference was this time I had my daughter Hayley along, as she was consulting to our company on a new social media project. Fun! Well…yeah…fun. As we were waiting for the train, she looked at my lap top bag and very matter of factly said, “You know, for someone who is so into style and fashion I can’t believe you carry that bag.  It looks like a hand-me-down from a husband, like something that was bought at Staples.”   :-0      Silence.  I have been carrying this bag for years. Probably did get it from Staples, maybe TJ’s…but, you know what?  SHE WAS RIGHT.  What was I thinking?  Ok, ok!  Moving forward….let the search begin!denise-16


Everyday I started noticing laptop bags and briefcases on businesswomen – I did not want a tote, needed a bag with multiple compartments that all zipped up.  Our NYC nurse supervisor pictured here has a great bag by Ralph Lauren, bought it at Macy’s.  Hmm…so many options and in such a wide range of price points…



I did not have much extra time to shop for this, but it was certainly on my mind as I continued to schlep the unattractive man bag to work each day.  Alas!  One recent afternoon as I was walking from our NYC office back to my hotel on Third Ave, I passed a luggage shop! (Dean Leather, 822 Third Ave)  Why not pop in and see what they have??  Glad I did – I was very much in luck as they had a nice selection of high quality brands. Found a Lodis  leather bag that was just the right size, had multiple compartments, and zipped up completely. I liked the polished leather, stitching detail, and deep red trim. And best of all, 35% off – only $206!

The old bag
The old bag
Should I get it?
Should I get it?
The new bag!
The new bag!

Wish all purchases were this simple! I was in and out of the shop in less than fifteen minutes – when you know it’s right, it’s a no brainer.

Elegant detail
Elegant detail

lodis Here I am leaving my hotel the next morning – looking much more put together than when I arrived – THANKS TO MY DAUGHTER. 😉

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  • Love the entire outfit. They bag looks like it was made just for you! And the shoes…… Chanel? Lovely.


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