Lipstick Tragedy

Like many women who wear makeup/lipstick regularly, my cosmetic bag is sacred to me, probably right after my wallet. In addition to my lipliner, lipstick, lipgloss, and eye pencil, it also includes a favorite compact mirror and nail file. The bag itself was carefully selected as well, it has a second compartment where I always keep a few business cards…
One recent morning when getting ready for work I was ready to apply my lipstick – Hmmm, that’s funny, the case is not in my handbag…maybe I took it out last night when I returned from a business trip, maybe it’s in my bathroom makeup drawer…NO…IT’S NOT THERE. OMG. Could I really have lost it???? YES, I DID. :-o   !!!!!     I start to talk to myself, calm down Candy, you did not lose a puppy, you did not contract a disease. It is only lipstick!…….Waaaahhh! Ok. After remembering that I likely left it on the Acela train, it is really GONE FOR GOOD, I found a suitable lipstick in my makeup drawer and proceeded to go off to work – planning, of course, to make a noontime trip to Nordstroms to replace my favorite tubes…

But what about the case itself? I loved it! Purchased about two years ago at a pharmacy in Greenwich, CT…..what the heck, I will give them a call…looking for a “nylon mesh cosmetic bag with two zippers”…Oh, you must mean the ‘Walker‘ bags!  The what??? Never knew they had a name or offered so many different options!  walker-bags
The one I lost was a rectangular shaped double zip case –  slim, sleek, and held plenty! I ordered that and also bought a second one, more square shaped. Seems like a lot of energy wasted on such a simple thing? Sometimes its all about the simple pleasures!  This silly little cosmetic bag ‘sparks joy’ for me.

Ok now – I hope I get lots of responses on this post.  What simple little item do YOU enjoy each day?  What simple item would YOU go nuts if you lost it?

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  • My ray bans!! A huge splurge treat from tyler, I love them and am always terrified I’ll loose them.


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