Let It Rain

016 One lesson well-learned from Ginger was ‘always dress according to the weather’…her reasoning was two-fold: one, be comfortable and two, look chic. When your outerwear is appropriate, you look like you have your act together. Simple enough! For rainy days over the years I have worn yellow slickers, a Burberry trench, a Barbour waxed jacket, and a hooded black rayon jacket. All perfectly nice yet none quite perfect. None really ‘sparked joy’, none quite glamorous enough for me.  In my head I know what I want – a black patent trench with a generous hood.  Well, the search is still on, but in the meantime, I found something at Revolve that seemed too cute to pass up!013 The brand is ‘Thermal-Slicks’, great fit, cute zebra lining, generous hood – but SO RED! Not a color I usually wear head to toe, do I really want a shiny red coat??? For $30 (Yup, it was a bargain!) I will give it a try…018



So far so good, have already worn it a few times – the full length style on a rainy day is quite practical, and the bright color is happy and uplifting.  Good to step out of your comfort zone sometimes…




011 What was underneath the red raincoat? For a business casual day at the office, simple separates that are anything but boring. Rag and Bone cropped flares, a Kate Spade merino wool sweater, and super comfortable Arche shoes. (On the hunt for a glamorous rain boot – you will not catch me in Hunters)002 As soon as I tried this sweater on in the Kate Spade shop I fell in love with it.  The loose fit will balance fitted skirts and pants and the schoolgirl collar is oh so sweet! It is detachable from the sweater for easy washing – for those of you my age or older, we used to call these ‘dickies’, remember?  Haha, maybe we should keep that quiet!

Back to the raincoat topic – what do YOU wear on a rainy day?  And do you love it, or ready to search for something new?

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  • Hi Candy, A dickie was not a collar but a collar with fabric that extended across the shoulder and down to the bust line. This would fill in a too low neckline and add a bit of color. My Grammy wore them to work with a dark dress.


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