LOGOs: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

I love Saks Fifth Avenue, and certainly love select designer pieces, but so-so on the message of this ad, “Never forget who you’re wearing.”  A bit too focused on the need for association with brands.   To me, a person with great style need not be flashing logos head to toe.  Great style is creating your own look with a combination of pieces and accessories that you love.  Mixing pricey with bargains.  Wear a logo but don’t let the logo wear you!

How to keep this in balance?

  • Avoid buying logo items at a discount store just because it is a good price. WHY do you want it? Just because it has a little polo player logo is not a good reason. 😉  Does it fit you well?  Is it a color you like?
  • Stay away from the common logos that are everywhere – a less recognized one keeps them guessing and is more interesting.  (John Varvatos’ is a subtle hand giving the ‘peace’ sign)
  • Stick with what you find visually appealing, don’t be drawn in by brand alone…I have always loved the classic Louis Vuitton handbags/luggage – in the classic brown pattern.  I will not buy LV bags in different patterns just because they are LV.  What I choose must be visually appealing to me.  Along the same line, I love many many Chanel pieces – but not all!   I will not buy Chanel just because it’s Chanel.
  • Avoid items that have a designer name boldly written on them as if you were a walking advertisement.

Keep in mind that every day you head out from home your clothes communicate part of your identity.  Your gym clothes, your sunglasses, your handbag, your scarf…..

My Louis scarf and Prada glasses… Too much?

As previously admitted, I love classic Louis Vuitton and I love Chanel.  What does that say about me?  How about my love for luxury, classics, and French designs.  Ok, I’m not ashamed to ‘display’ that.   You will never see me in sports logos or NorthFace, because it’s not who I am.  So if you wear logos in moderation, you are  expressing a part of who you are.  Not such a bad thing.  The bottom line for me is not to overdo it. Balance the obvious logo pieces with simple unadorned ones.   You will soon see me carrying a chic new handbag – completely logo free.

What do YOU think about LOGOS?  

Love ’em or leave ’em???



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One Comment

  • I don’t mind a logo here or there. My husband hates them. My best friend isn’t a fan either. I have several LV bags but my favorite one has the option of being carried with the LV completely hidden. My husband bought it of course.


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