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It’s a Wednesday night.  For whatever the reason, we decide not to cook dinner, nor to do takeout. “Let’s try Bar Mezzana, that new place in the South End, ” I suggested to Peter.  He agrees and proceeds to Google it… “It’s Italian, they have valet parking and it’s casual,” he says.   “Great!  I’ll go get dressed.”

“Uh, I thought we were going casual?” says Peter. “This IS casual,” I matter of factly reply. 🙂

What do you think of when someone says casual? Jeans? Sneakers? Comfy clothes? Well, you aren’t wrong! There’s casual and there’s casual…How to decide which level of casual to go with?  Since dress codes are so lenient nowadays (much to my dismay), it really depends upon what you are in the mood for.  And when in doubt, I say kick it up!  

The skirt (Wolford, faux leather) and shoes could certainly be worn ‘dressy’ with a different top and/or blazer.  What gives it a casual vibe is wearing it with this relaxed sweater by Rag and Bone.  Why the sexy shoes? WHY NOT??  Don’t save your sexiest shoes for a wedding or a special event – enjoy them on any ordinary day!  Especially when there is valet parking…;-)

Despite the convenience of valet parking, it was still a rainy night, so what to wear for a coat/jacket?   The solution here was not my personal raincoat design which is for cold weather, but a great lightweight coat I found last month in a hotel gift shop in Florida…(see the bag I’m carrying, last pic on link).

Isn’t it great? The brand is Jane Post, the line is carried at Saks which includes many other styles and colors…

When I saw it, then tried it on, there was no turning back…

It is lightweight, belted,  glamorous, and best of all –

…it has a hood!  To find raingear that is glamorous and practical is truly a wise investment for a woman on the go.  (Keep that in mind when my coat is available for sale!)  I have already worn this several times and even enjoy having it on even when it stops raining.

Since I’m often cold in restaurants, grabbed this coral scarf at the last minute.  How was Bar Mezzana?? We LOVED it and can’t wait to return.   If you go, get the razor clams as an appetizer!

The bottom line:
– There are many interpretations of ‘casual’.
– Better to be overdressed than underdressed.
– It is wise to invest in quality outerwear.
– Wear what makes you smile! 😉



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  • You have such a great style sense to put these pieces together. Great look! I wonder, could it work with lower heels? Love the Valentino Rockstuds but not the stiletto heels (or the price).

    • This look could totally work with lower heels – I would choose a flashy loafer or a mule – maybe in a color or in an animal print (not with the coat!). Other fun looks: microfiber slip on sneakers in black, pink suede sneakers, or white low-top Converse sneakers. Sneakers with a leather skirt is a nice balance of sexy and casual. DSW has plenty of options all under $100!

  • Candy, the entire outfit is divine! I especially love the raincoat, (so much that I want to buy one!) When someone says “casual” to me, I think dark, straight leg jeans, a button down shirt, and Cole Haan penny loafers (my favorite shoes in the world!). But even though our ideas of casual are different, as you said, wear what makes YOU happy.


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