Lounge Vibe Chic

Somehow ‘business casual’ doesn’t quite describe how I’m dressing these days…sometimes it is purely that, but most of the time it is a level between business casual and casual…in a way it’s kind of fun – wearing items you wish you could wear to work but don’t…always comfortable, ‘put together’ with an understated vibe…instead of blazers that would feel ridiculous in my ‘kitchen office’, I opt most days for a sweater, either tied over my shoulders, or wearing its as part of the outfit…unfortunately I have more blazers than sweaters so it might be time to consider some online shopping…

This sweater is a merino wool by Rag and Bone…it was a piece I generally wore on the weekend, but now it’s good for working from home…

Paired with these satin joggers and Ron White sneakers, it’s a perfectly chic look, comfortable but not sloppy. And I must confess that I never realized how much I would love these pants when I bought them…they are so versatile! You can wear them with high heels and a sexy top, or with a blazer and booties…heck, if this lockdown goes on for much longer I may order a second pair in silver!

Speaking of the lockdown, if it goes on much longer, we will all have new hairdos! Mine has gotten quite long and who knows, I might keep it this way for a change – what do you think? One thing I will not keep for sure is the gray!

So far I am managing thanks to my WONDERFUL stylist at Roberts Salon who mixed my color for me to apply at home…to keep it simple, I focused just on my part and hairline and it came out great…with a bit of spray-on root cover I should be able to last longer than usual…hopefully in a few weeks I will be in the salon again…

The weather is getting warmer and that will add a whole new dimension to our days…how will it affect what we wear when working from home? Lounge vibe chic for spring! Sounds good to me. ;-)

Stay well. Dress well. Better days ahead.

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