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Wearing fake lashes from CVS
Wearing false lashes from CVS

First it was nails. At a certain age it became apparent to me that the vast majority of women got manicures on a regular basis – French, shellac, gel, you name it. Many still do. As for me, I will go occasionally, and always pre-vacation, but prefer to do my own to save time. Now there is a new cosmetic trend that seems to be exploding – lash extensions! Sit in a chair for several hours, while individual lashes of a desired length are applied ONE BY ONE until you have lush, long lashes…Then: do not get them wet for the first 24 hours, avoid running water on your eyes, do not rub your eyes, avoid heavy eye makeup, go for lash maintenance every three to four weeks, tilt your head back when showering – STOP. Not for me. Why? I spend enough time on my hair, no need to sit in a chair for hours for lashes, I like wearing heavy eye makeup, and I enjoy the spray of water on my face in the shower. Moving on!  False lashes are quick and easy for the times when I want more dramatic eyes. But wait! Another current option is lash serum, by different companies, that have been clinically tested and proven to thicken and lengthen your lashes. Apply to your clean lash line at bedtime and after about six weeks you supposedly will see a noticeable difference. Quick. Convenient. Enhances your own real lashes, you can get them wet and even rub your eyes!

At first I was skeptical, nervous about it causing an eye irritation, but my friend Kate had such great results I decided to give it a try. Picked up the phone and ordered my first tube of Rodan and Fields lash serum from representative Celeste Kiricoples (you can find her on Facebook).  Cost is $135.  I started my first treatment Friday night, it was remarkably simple, no irritation whatsoever.  Time will tell!  I took a few ‘before’ pictures so I can track the results…

Haha...'Before' No makeup.
‘Before’ No makeup.
'Before' with makeup and mascara.
‘Before’ with makeup and mascara.










Because I favor a ‘made up’ look over a natural look, I am not seeing this as a way to give up eyeliner or shadow.  What I am hoping for is better looking lashes with a quick application of mascara. As for now, I must have six different mascaras in my cosmetic bag:  Chanel, Trish McEvoy, Laura Mercier, Dior, Maybelline, L’Oreal – and none quite do the job without taking lots of time, applying two coats, etc, etc.  So if this lash serum works, it will save me time!  That’s a good thing.

Stay tuned for my results sometime in mid-May.

How about you?  Have you tried any lash enhancements?

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  • HA! Why yes, I am the friend “KATE” My lashes are amazing… the product and the results…I have had them tinted for only $30.00 don’t even need mascara……I am hooked!

  • I am for ANYTHING that will save me time in the mornings! I have pretty thick lashes but they stick straight out, no curl at all. As I favor a natural look, I still only do one coat of mascara and a quick sweep of a neutral eye shadow (Bobbi Brown – bone). You would probably just shake your head if you saw my makeup look for work. But I’m not an executive like you – just a kindergarten teacher:)

    • Actually, I would probably admire your more natural look. Though I like strong eye makeup, it would be nice to do a natural look for certain days, and not so easy when you are accustomed to a heavy hand…I will have to check out that Bobbi Brown shade!

      • I’ve cut down on eye makeup, but it was a struggle at first. If I ever did just mascara and nothing else, I would look sick! Or so I think. I gradually started cutting way back by still using shadow and eyeliner, just less dramatic. But the most difficult is getting the eyeliner right. I think a pencil in dark grey, then smudged with a little brush to blur the hard line is best now. I will never give up mascara. NEVER!


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