Cold Spring

JMcLaughlin sweater, Vince dress

A little bit of snow still on the ground, temps in the raw 40s, no sun, rain predicted – but it’s spring!!! Well, not much we can do about the weather, but we can wear whatever we want!  No need to be cold, comfort is a must, so choice #1:  waterproof and warm Aquatalia suede boots.  Another black outfit?  Not necessarily.  I love the camel/black/white combo, so instead of a black sheath as the base, I went for white. Remember, white is a year round color, it is the fabric that determines the season. This dress is a synthetic blend so good for all seasons –  save your cottons and linen for warmer weather…

The traditional Burberry plaid pulled together the colors, without overdoing the look with too much jewelry. Sometimes a simple sheath is best left unadorned.DSC06445

The camel wool cardigan with a self belt is from JMcLaughlin…it’s a style they carry each season as a basic, a great alternate to a jacket, especially for layering.


The perfect final layer is this white wool coat by BCBG, found at a great bargain price while out Christmas shopping last year. DSC06459 Will it ever be warm enough to ditch the beret and skip the boots? Of course. As we New Englanders know quite well, warmer days are right around the corner. In the meantime, wear outfits that spark joy and follow the Ginger lesson, ‘Always Dress According to The Weather’.

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  • Love the entire outfit, especially your Burberry scarf. I would never be able to keep all that white clean though.


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