Made in France

Does ‘Made in France’ peak your interest? Maybe even get you a bit excited? It does to me! Certainly not everything made in France is appealing, but there are several clothing lines that are, one being Anne Fontaine.

So – when I discovered this Anne Fontaine dress at Revolve a couple of years ago, you would have thought that I won the lottery! 🙂 It’s a perfect cotton summer dress that is also great for the upcoming transition season…

The styling with short puffed sleeves makes it super feminine, and the mother of pearl buttons are an elegant detail…the whole look actually has a ‘Chanel’ feel to me, which leads me to the shoe choice…when I have worn this dress in the past I wore black shoes with dramatic white leather bows and white block heels – but – on this day it felt like girly-girl overload! I opted instead for these classic Chanel two-toned sling-backs. Much better! Mixing up a look is generally my preference, but certainly going all out girly is fun too…depends on your mood, right?

Gold hoops, two delicate necklaces, and a strand of pearls were just the right balance of classic and fun…

For a wrap, my classic Burberry was a no-brainer – as for a handbag, Ginger’s Chanel was eleganté!

Ready to hit the road! Before closing, here is another favorite Anne Fontaine piece…a white lace shirt, with an add-on black silk bow..

This shirt is not just for ‘dressing up’ – it looks just as cute with jeans, with plaid pants, or under a blazer…

Final word:

AF pieces are pricey but they do turn up often in nice consignment shops. Keep an eye out for them! And remember, if you find something that you love and it’s a bit too big, you can usually have it tailored – I did with this black dress. It is worth the effort and expense when you find a special piece.

Happy Monday!

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