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i-love-makeup-quote-1If you are a regular user of cosmetics (me, me, me!), you probably have a drawer (or two) where you store your collection of lipsticks, mascaras, blush, concealer, etc……over time, after adding fun purchases here and there, this drawer can become an overloaded MESS!  Clutter makes it difficult to find the items you like and hard to know what you might actually need.  On a recent Saturday morning I decided it was time thoroughly clean out my makeup drawer (Ginger would be proud)……goodbye to the lipsticks that I never wear, goodbye to the older than a year foundations that probably are breeding bacteria, goodbye to mascaras over 6 months old, goodbye to the too bright blue eye pencil, goodbye to the ruby red cream blush… least 12 items in the trash!  Ahhhh…..much better… with a neater, well-organized drawer, it is much more ‘user friendly’ and it helped me to identify some items to shop for at the Nordstrom’s cosmetic counter….

Not thrilled with my MAC concealer, I decided to try a different brand….for no good reason, I ventured over to BobbiBrown…initially turned off by the saleswoman telling me that the formula was “anti-aging” – first of all, isn’t that a subtle insult (??), and cut the bullshit, I don’t fall for anti-aging products…..all I want is good coverage and the right color.  Well, she showed me something that looked good, and I did make a purchase.  However, after trying it twice, I returned it (always save the packaging and receipt) because the ‘formula’ was too thin for my liking….ended up with one by Chanel that I like very much….

As she was ringing up my purchase, I was asked by the same saleswoman, “So what do you use for your skin?” ….”You mean for foundation?”  “No, products to clean your skin…what cleanser?”…to which I replied candidly, “Dial Soap.”  ……..a look of disdain.  “God love ya. My face would fall off.”    Well, mine hasn’t yet…..

On to lipsticks!  The way some women are addicted to shoes, I am mad about lipstick….I don’t like sheer, glossy formulas, but prefer those that deliver a lot of pigment/color and I almost always layer one color over another to create dimension….MAC, Laura Mercier, and NARS are some of my favorite brands… favorite colors are warm tones: reddish browns, corals, and a wide range of pinks…ALWAYS starting with a lip liner….

Burnt Red and Red Carpet by BobbiBrown, Nars lip liner (Medano Beach) and Nars gloss (Hot Sand)
Burnt Red and Red Carpet by BobbiBrown, Nars lip liner (Medano Beach) and Nars gloss (Hot Sand)

At the register there are always items conveniently on display – mascara for example. Who couldn’t use a new mascara? Who wouldn’t want a Chanel mascara? Yessiree, I’ll take one! Do I really think Chanel mascara is better? No. But I am a sucker at the cosmetic counter. 😉

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  • Besides the old stuff that I trashed, I had a lot of products that had been tried once (hair gel, cleanser, lotions) and didn’t like, often just the fragrance. Also had things I would never try such as eyeshadows or lipsticks that came in the free gift packages. I put all of these in a 25-cent box at my neighborhood garage sale. It was great to clear up the clutter while knowing the products weren’t going to waste.


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