Mixed to the Max

Cabi leopard jacket, Halebob leggings (bought in a shop on the Cape)
Cabi leopard jacket, Halebob leggings (bought in a shop on the Cape)
When the cat’s away the mouse will play….with my daughter, that is….with Peter away on business, I have had extra time to see my daughter, as on a recent night for dinner……as I was driving to her home to pick her up, I called her on the phone….”This is a warning when you see me that I have taken mixing prints to a new level – let me know if I have gone overboard…..” I walk in slowly – “OMIGOD I LOVE IT! Every part makes the whole work!”
And together we said, “Meema would hate it!” (Hayley called my mother Meema)….what a laugh we had……Honestly, this is not an outfit everyone would like, and it took experimenting and boldness for me to put it together. It sends the message, “I am fun (maybe a bit nuts?), I am creative, I am not shy”….
Print leggings, Stuart Weitman boots
Print leggings, Stuart Weitman boots
How did I put it this together? It started with the leggings – I wanted to be comfortable, but not wear jeans….next came the boots – I wanted a heel (sun goes down, heels go up…) and I like that they cover up half my leg so not too much of the print shows…..long black sheer sweater next – covers the rear end, lightweight….the big moment was deciding on a jacket, and I tried solid black, tan suede, but both seemed so predictable….on a fluke I pulled on the cropped leopard jacket and loved the proportion with the long sweater and how the colors connected with the leggings….the cherry on top was the choice of scarf – I thought plain black looked blah – when I tried the bright green polka dot one I smiled and laughed out loud (all by myself….maybe I am nuts)….

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