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Hope that I will not offend my readers but I am not a big fan of Mother’s Day…..who the heck decided that this is a holiday?   Seems likely that it was a smart businessman from the greeting card industry, and now it has exploded into a pressured day of gifts, brunches, and other emotional obligations.   Not that gift giving is a bad thing – nor is having lunch with your mother- but there is already a day to do that: her birthday.   Her own personal day. That’s the day to celebrate your mother in the way that you choose. Why oh why do we need to lump all mothers into one day?   To me, it feels less special.   And really, just because you are a mother that means you deserve a holiday of your own?  Sure, it is one of the toughest “jobs” there is, but we know that not all are great moms – and – there are many women who are not mothers (by choice or not) who are amazing, kind, great contributors of the world – wonder how they feel on this day?  Interesting to note, while being a mother was hugely important to Ginger, she was not a fan of Mother’s Day ‘festivities’ either – she and my grandmother would say “everyday is Mother’s Day”, thinking daily niceties mattered more.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest – I did enjoy a very nice brunch with my two children and my niece Dana (her mother is away).  We discussed this very subject and it got quite heated at times as my very pregnant daughter defended motherhood and reasons to celebrate it……it was an interesting conversation that included many laughs and psychoanalyzing of mom….haha……we also each took turns saying two ways we were just like our mother, and two ways we were not – that was fun.

My children, Hayley and Bradley
My children, Hayley and Bradley


My mom, Ginger in Kennebunkport, 1980s
My mom, Ginger in
Kennebunkport, 1980s

The two ways I am very much like my mother: a love for style and fashion and a controlling personality (I will leave it at that…) How we are different: I am not a clean freak and I enjoy being a breadwinner.

Hope you all – whether mothers or not – enjoyed the beautiful weekend. Would love to hear your comments on this post!

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