How to Bare Your Legs for Business

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Forecast for temps in the 60s – off to work with bare legs!

Are bare legs acceptable in the workplace? This is a question frequently asked by women of all ages…….Unless you work in a very formal work setting (such as some law firms), it is perfectly appropriate to go without stockings in warm weather. However – with that said – there are certain do’s and don’t to be sure you still look polished and appropriate for business.

DO:– Use lotion on your legs regularly to prevent dry skin.
– Unless you have a golden tan, always use a tinted moisturizer or leg makeup to cover imperfections and give your legs a glow. Victoria’s Secret ‘Rockin’ Body’ body cream is lightweight; Sally Hansen ‘Airbrush Legs'(CVS) or Lorac’s tinted moisturizer (Sephora) are heavier but you can thin them out with a bit of plain lotion.
– Keep your skirt length no shorter than an inch above your knee.
– Keep foot exposure to a minimum; a peep toe and/or sling back are ok.
– Wear 1-2″ heel with skirt above knee, 2-3″ heel if skirt below knee.
– Regular pedicures are a must.
– Enjoy wearing nude pumps – very flattering, elongates your legs.

DO NOT:– Forget to shave. (EVERY day!)
– Use self-tanning lotions unless you have practiced and are good at it. Results can look streaky and awful – believe me, I speak from experience!
– Wear shoes that are too casual. No summer sandals or flip flops!
– Wear shoes that are too high – no six inch platforms or wedges.
– Wear neon or glitter nail polish, no nail art, never chipped polish.
– No toe rings.

Theory jacket,  J McLaughlin silk blouse, necklace purchased in Mykonos (cheap!!!)
Theory jacket,
J McLaughlin silk blouse, necklace purchased in Mykonos – looks expensive but dirt cheap! (and light as a feather)
Shoes are by Paul Mayer, found at Cuoio...low heel but pointy toe - elegant, not frumpy
Off I go! Shoes by Paul Mayer, purchased at Cuoio…low heel but pointy toe – elegant, not frumpy and very comfortable

Well working ladies??? Are you ready to bare your legs??

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