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music quote I cannot imagine a life without music. It brings joy, it evokes memories, it can be relaxing, it can be romantic, it can lead to dancing in a variety of places….Ginger loved music and I grew up in a home where music was played regularly and it sometimes led to my parents dancing in the kitchen (how embarrassing it was to me back then!) They played Armenian music, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, to name a few….one of Ginger’s favorite songs was Besame Mucho, and I (and my two children) still think of her whenever I hear it…
In our home today, EVERY day starts with music. While we certainly listen to current pop music on the radio, what I most enjoy is music on Pandora – the internet station where you can program in your own stations. Because we have a computer in our bedroom area, we play Pandora every morning while we are getting ready for work – and sometimes even sneak in a quick dance…..while Peter prefers a variety of music genres and likes to mix it up, my taste is focused heavily on Latin and romantic songs, so some mornings there is a battle – or a “compromise” – over which to listen to….here are some of my favorites that you may enjoy…

– Pink Martini (they are a great band, sexy music – this station will play some of their music and others that are similar)
– Hotel Costes (kind of like background music to a South Beach nightclub….)
– Feeling Good (upbeat music, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble…)
– French Café (romantic, relaxing, tres bien!)

Songs: (look them up on Youtube)
– Ninna Nanna, by Pink Martini (romantic Neopolitan ballad about a mermaid that longs for a sailor)
– Amado Mio, also by Pink Martini (amazing vocal – guaranteed to put you in the mood….)
– Bella Luna, by Jason Mraz (“beautiful moon”….current song gets me dancing every time…)


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