My Mother’s Mink

Ginger in raccoon coat 1978
Ginger in raccoon coat 1978

As a young girl growing up, I remember admiring my mother’s red lipstick, her youthful wardrobe, a Chanel handbag, but most of all her fur coats. The first was a raccoon, pictured above, probably purchased when I was in high school. When on occasion, she let me wear it, I thought I was pretty darn cool. Too showy for me at that age? Are you kidding??? Not for this gal. Fast forward probably twenty years ahead – she bought (let’s be honest, my dad bought…) an elegant full length mink. Gorgeous. I would try it on and vow to buy my own some day…
Fast forward again – the raccoon is tucked away for my niece and I inherited the mink.

New Years Eve, Christmas parties, special nights out with my husband – all times I have enjoyed wearing the coat – until this year. A very very cold year in Boston. I would normally think wearing a mink coat to work was too ostentacious, but when I knew I would be standing outside waiting for a train in six degree temperatures, the mink I wore! Thank goodness I did, because the train was 90 minutes late due to the cold!! Except for my toes, I was toasty. After wearing the coat all day, it made me realize that it needed some alterations to look and feel better, so I will enjoy it regularly. Took it to a great little shop in Framingham, MA (Forever Furs) where the owner Judy was very helpful in recommendations: adjust armholes, slim down the sleeves, shorten the length a bit.

Oh! Oh! Oh! The monogram inside the coat says “Ginger” – I did not change it to Candy……I added “-bred”.

Ginger's mink - 2007
Ginger’s mink – 2007
Times Square, New York City
New Years Eve

Do you have a fur that was passed down to you? Are you wearing it? Have you considered having it restyled?

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  • We want to see before & after pics of your alterations! Great idea to maintain classic pieces. 🙂

    • Ok, will do before and after pics after I pick up the coat – good idea!


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