Degrees of Comfort

Pumps and Jeans/Pinterest photo
Pumps and Jeans/Pinterest photo

Maybe it’s a sign of my age, but I can’t see myself spending an afternoon in jeans and pumps. I love the look, but if I am going to be somewhere where it’s ok to wear jeans, I want my feet to be comfortable…maybe this would work for a dinner in a trendy restaurant, or a house party, but not for a day of walking/shopping.

Nobody wants to be uncomfortable. Being in pain from uncomfortable clothes/shoes is not attractive. What is interesting to me is the various degrees to which people consider things comfortable or uncomfortable.

A week ago I was out with a colleague driving together to a business meeting at a city hospital. She wore business appropriate separates (slacks, top, blazer) which were pulled together nicely with a lightweight colorful print scarf. After our meeting, when we returned to her car, she immediately pulled off the scarf and tossed it aside. “What did you do that for?”, I asked incredulously……She responded, “At any given time I look for the opportunity to be comfortable. If you weren’t here I would take my belt off too.” I cracked up and asked her, “How uncomfortable was that scarf???? It looked so nice!!” We had a good laugh…. To me, scarves not only look good, but they feel good – I always buy soft fabrics, never itchy, and they keep my neck warm. Everyone is different! One thing I personally cannot stand is something tight around my waist – I prefer narrow belts for that reason and have even cut slits in the waistbands of tights to be looser.

Some other of my personal stylish comfort measures:

– Look for skirt fabrics with a bit of stretch, a touch of lycra, knits.
– Wear your sexy high heels when you won’t be doing a lot of walking.
– Avoid clogs and clog-like shoes; there are comfort brands that are feminine – there are pumps and sexy shoes that are comfortable even if you have bunions – Stuart Weitzman, AGL (found at Nordstroms), Cordani. Cuoio on Newbury St in Boston has a great selection of stylish shoes that are comfortable – ask for Terry!
– Choose soft fabrics that feel good against your skin.
– Avoid heavy necklaces and earrings.
– If it doesn’t feel great when you try it on in the store, don’t buy it!

lounging at home


Even hanging out at home you may see me with my cashmere Burberry scarf – aside from the fact that I like the look, it feels good! These JCrew wedges are super comfortable, even without socks…

What do you consider “not an option” because it is just not comfortable? Do you have favorite brands that look good and feel good?

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  • I think combining elegant (heels, pearls, a tailored top or coat) with jeans or something more casual is a chic look, not necessarily meant for comfort. & I love that look! Effortless & stylish.

  • I agree completely about tight waists, and heavy jewelry. Also tight top band of socks, or anything else tight for that matter. I can’t wear underwire bras, no heels over 2″, labels at the back of the neck have to be removed, and some spandex-blend tops can be suffocating. I could go on… But, I do love scarves, they add color without weight, and they keep out drafts. However – my main reason for replying here is: I LOVE the color of your coat! Please show the entire piece! I WANT that coat!

    • It is a great coat, but it’s not mine! That’s a photo from Pinterest…..I would think not too difficult to find, maybe even on sale this time of year. Maybe try JCrew? Thanks for your comments!

  • Rita! I just looked up the coat on Pinterest – it is featured on the Atlantic Pacific blog – I bet you will find the details you want there and a photo of the whole coat. Good luck!

  • Candy, I did locate the (sold out) coat on Atlantic-Pacific, but then I remembered my thrift shop find couple months ago – its a vintage vicuna coat for $5 (yes, that’s $5.00) – its in the sewing closet awaiting minor repairs. The color is that deep, rich camel, just like the coat in your pic. I can’t believe I forgot about it! I’ll have to get it DONE so I can wear it now.

    • Wow! That’s a great find! Glad if I helped you to pull it out….:-)

  • I’m new to your blog and love your style! You inspire me to try harder to add a little style to conservative work clothes. I wonder if you could tell me where you got your leather armchair (in the picture)? I’m looking for a smaller leather chair to replace an older wingback and yours looks compact and comfortable.

    • Thank you so much! The brand of the chair is Bradington Young – if my memory serves me, I bought it about 13 years ago at the Cabot House, Burlington, MA. Yes, quite compact, very comfortable. Believe it or not, I often see chairs like this at Home Goods…



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