My Well-Dressed Man

In the greater Boston area  – generally speaking – you don’t often see well-dressed men.  It’s true!  Maybe it’s because our society has become so casual, maybe it’s because most men find ‘dressing well’ a struggle not worth their time, effort, or the expense.  After years of living with me, Peter admits that it does take time, ongoing effort, and yes, money.  His smile (and mine) says it is certainly worth it. Here’s a business casual look for men of all ages, great for the fall season…

Starting with the shirt, it is the definition of luxury; a super fine cotton, soft as silk, in a slim fit perfect for Peter.  It was a vacation splurge at Cremieux in Palm Beach…

The good news is that you need not spend top dollar  – just take the time to look for a fit that is best for your body type, OR, spend a bit less on the shirt so you have money left to have your shirt tailored.  Avoid the temptation to buy the boxy, baggy, comfy style just because they are easier to find.  Fit makes a HUGE difference!

Let’s move on to the jacket…Every man should start their wardrobe with a classic navy blazer – perfectly tailored of course. Once you have that, consider a tweed blazer next. This classic jacket can be dressed up for the office and easily transitions to weekend wear with a turtleneck and jeans.

This herringbone tweed was a recent purchase from JCrew;  it’s a slim fit that needed no tailoring – even better, it was on sale!

The navy wool pinstriped trousers are also from JCrew, purchased last year…aside from how nice they look, they keep you warmer than cotton khakis when the temperatures drop…and as for shoes, a classic yet modern wingtip: the Jennings Wingtip by Johnston and Murphy.   The heavy lugged rubber sole makes them more casual, more comfortable, and more practical for winter weather.

Other details you may have noticed:  a colorful pocket square, a stylish watch, and an edgy silver link bracelet…also, a subtle mix of patterns – shirt and pants are both stripes, mixed together with the herringbone tweed – much more interesting than solids.

Don’t-cha love a well dressed man???


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  • It always makes me smile when my husband dresses well, (goes the extra mile beyond khakis). Love Peter’s entire outfit.


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