Nightlife for Boomers

If you are reading this and you are over 30, 40, 50, or 60, what do you enjoy doing on a Friday or Saturday night? Going out to dinner, getting together with friends, seeing a movie, going dancing, or just enjoy doing nothing??? Maybe your answer has changed over the decades and also with life circumstances. As for Peter and me – both over 60 – we enjoy all of the above – except for doing nothing.

We both especially enjoy music – with or without dancing – and lately have been searching the Boston nightlife scene to see what live music we could find, music that starts while we are still awake. (Except for when on vacation, we are usually pooping out by 10pm)…a couple of Boston restaurants in the Seaport District have occasional live music, but nothing we were excited about. On a recent weekend, Peter found another option! “They have live music at the Ritz!” he told me…I immediately got on the phone to confirm this. Yes, ma’am, we have a piano player and she also sings. “LET”S GO!!!” A quick change and off we went…

Photo above is where we went, the newly renovated Ritz bar on Avery Street in Boston. Such lovely atmosphere, and yes there was a lovely blonde playing a keyboard, singing lovely music. It was soooo sedate, soooo lovely and QUIET. The ‘scene’ was ‘chill’. Well, at least we can eat! Uh, oh no. VERY limited menu of uninteresting light bites, there was no way in hell this could be dinner. Ok, we tried, let’s get out of here…we went next door to Blu…

Blu is a trendy bar/restaurant in the theater district…it was well after 8:00 so the shows had already begun, leaving plenty of seats at the bar. The menu had lots of great options and the bartender made a perfect cosmo…whew, we made a fast recovery! Even better, there were two friendly 40-something ladies at the bar that we started chatting with. When they heard our story about the search for live music they excitedly told us about another place – ‘Lucky’s’ in the Fort Point neighborhood…”Let’s go tonight Peter!!!” 🙂

Yup, we did. And we took the two ladies with us. :-0 Arrived just before 10pm to a live band playing current hits to a packed crowd of millennials. Oh no, we didn’t just sit and listen – us old boomers danced like crazy, if you want to call it ‘dancing’…the dance floor is tiny, so you pretty much just bounce around and brush against whoever. Yes, it was FUN! We probably stayed for about an hour, then dragged our old asses home to the burbs…

So, did we or did we not have success with our music adventure? We did find two new venues with live music but the Ritz was way too mellow and Lucky’s was way too young, so neither is a place we would go back to.

The search continues……


Selfie at Blu

We’re not dead yet! 😉

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