Winter Style

With all the cozy clothing options available there’s no reason to give up on looking stylish during the frigid days of winter in New England…on this ‘business casual’ day at work, I wore a ‘Nashville inspired’ outfit – toasty warm with a touch of glam!

This is not the first time I have shown you this sweater, but thought it was worth a second look…the brand is Sweewë, Paris, found last year at in Nashville! I love the black, ivory, and camel color combo, and especially like it with the white collar underneath. (It’s a nylon sleeveless top by JMcLaughlin) The pants are Avenue Montaigne, found at Sole Amour in Winchester…cropped flares with a super comfortable waistband…

Flat, contoured waistband.

They are also machine washable in a nylon blend fabric that can be worn year round – a great basic!

Now let’s talk about the booties! They are by Rag and Bone, very comfortable and super versatile! (Purchased last year but they are still in stores) I have worn them with shorts, with dresses/skirts, bare legs or tights, in all four seasons – even on a tropical vacation…with this particular outfit they pulled everything together and completed the ‘country chic’ look…

Next topic – the mink coat. So warm, so luxurious, so much fun to wear – but that was not always the case. This was my mother’s mink that I had restyled twice.   If you saw it in it’s original glory, it would likely look familiar, a style that everyone’s mother wore…it came down to my ankles, with virtually no collar. Extremely overwhelming to my petite frame, and it looked so dated. Not anymore!

A few years ago I had the initial restyling done, slimmed the sleeves, shortened the length to mid-calf, and added a generous collar…this was a major improvement but still not enough…last year I had about another eight inches chopped off the length and now I really love it! It is no longer an ‘old lady’ coat, it is no longer ‘my mother’s mink’ (though it is, haha). It looks new, current, and is flattering to my frame…it can be worn with everything from jeans to pencil skirts, and everything in between.

It’s like having a brand new coat! If you have any questions about the restyling process and/or where to go, leave your questions in the comment section and I will reply within 24 hours…

That’s all for today! Stay warm – be stylish! ;-)

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  • I love this color combo. I remember seeing a picture of you in your Mom’s coat before it was restyled after. I love this length on you.

    • Thanks – it’s so much easier to wear at this length! A whole new coat. :-)


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