Not A Waitress

Shirt from Calypso, skirt from Bloomies, Chanel shoes

The color combo of black and white makes a bold statement,  and is work appropriate. It wouldn’t be hard for me to go a whole week just wearing this color scheme with interesting accessories and different fabrics. Wear it without accessorizing and you risk looking like a waitress, so don’t go too plain! Also avoid plain black shoes – this is a perfect time to wear a two-toned shoe, an animal print, or a colored shoe.  A nude pump is another classic option.


Basics are never boring with contrasting textures: a relaxed linen shirt paired with a slim pencil skirt by DKNY. Love the skirt fabric which is a smooth synthetic that can be worn year round and is great for traveling…


Adding a statement necklace to a shirt with texture creates enough finish that you can skip a jacket.  This is a nice look for business in the summer when you want to look serious yet not stuffy or too formal. Bought this gold plastic chain on my honeymoon in Greece – it was under $20!  Whether from a sidewalk vendor, at Target, or at a shop like H&M, you can sometimes find very inexpensive pieces that look expensive. (Keep ’em guessing!)


A black handbag would work but a bit too predictable. Prefer the visual interest of this shiny camel Sorial tote.  Now – drum roll please – for a hot, sunny day in NYC, one more accessory…


Bring on the glamour! One Saturday in July my daughter and I were in the SOWA area of the South End, and I quickly spotted this hat on a sidewalk display of  the Marie Galvin millinery.  There were actually many cute styles, but this one was irresistible and under $100!  Daughter Hayley got the same one in natural and has already worn it to the beach. 🙂


Even though it is not a true ‘crushable’ hat, it did collapse nicely into my tote when I needed to take it off.  Definitely a fun purchase. Will also look nice with other black and white outfits – I may never wear color again!

How have you accessorized black and white?


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  • I love leopard with black and white. I also have some 2 tone shoes that look nice.
    My latest shoe purchase was a pair of Charlotte Olympia kitty cat flats in linen. They will make a nice stand out accessory with black and white.


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