Old and Bold

There is a time and place to dress conservatively, and there is a time and place to go BOLD, whatever ‘bold’ means to you – and – whatever your age is.   When I saw this red cotton sweater in a Sag Harbor boutique, I knew it would be FUN to wear and it surely was!

Wildfox sweater, Mother cream jeans, Tory Burch booties

It’s a soft chunky knit with extra long sleeves, uneven frayed hems, and a boxy fit.  When I raise my arms, there is tummy exposure, but when I pull down the front to keep my stomach covered …

…there is more shoulder/chest exposure!   Haha.

This happened to be a casual night out to dinner with hubby, so no concern about being ‘overexposed’, hubby loved it.  😉     Should I choose to wear this more conservatively, it is easily reversible…





Still a great bold look, but not as naughty…



I went for naughty.

I also went for matching red earrings, not typical for me but I could not resist!  Maybe next time I will wear the sweater with a high waisted denim skirt and sneakers.  OR with black jeans, a black cami underneath, and boots.   Lots of fun possibilities.

The bottom line:

  • Don’t shy away from bold pieces because you think it isn’t ‘age appropriate’.  If you like it, go for it! It’s less about age and more about wearing it in the right circumstances.
  • Do balance a bold piece with more conservative ones; in this case my highly distressed jeans would be overkill…
  • Do wear a sweater like this on a warm summer night and you eliminate the need for a jacket/wrap.

Who else out there is ‘old and bold’??? 😉

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  • Love the outfit on you. The sweater looks terrific with your cream jeans and booties. At 51, some may consider me “old”. I do not feel like I am. But I’m not “bold” in the way I dress. Maybe I need to work on that.

  • Love it…. all of it … at 74… I go bold at times as well…important not to free “old”
    I don’t like the frumpy, old lady look….
    There are so many opportunities today to look younger and still be classy.


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