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I am living proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks……If you read my previous post, ‘Take Care of Your Teeth’, you know that despite Ginger’s teaching, I was never 100% on board with meticulous dental care – until now……What prompted the change? #1 Vanity. #2 Fear.
At my last dental cleaning, I mildly complained to the hygienist, “Ugh, you’re killing me…” She replied, “You might want to consider Invisalign braces to fix the crowding of your bottom teeth (seen in above pic) – I am wearing them now.”…..Really??  Even looking right at her, you could not tell that she was wearing the clear tooth ‘trays’…..You mean I could have my lower crooked teeth corrected – VANITY – without obvious braces?  Off to a consult I go!
In my consultation it was suggested that I see a gum specialist (periodontist) first….”No, thanks!” was my reply. Well, I soon learned that this was not really a choice – having healthy gums is imperative to the success of Invisalign…………Oh, shit….oh, no…..I have never flossed – FEAR…..Bet you can guess what comes next……From the exact day of that consultation, I have flossed and used an electric toothbrush every single day. (If Ginger only knew…)
Fortunately, my gums are healthy enough to proceed with Invisalign, and while vanity initially motivated me, I have greatly improved my dental care and chances of future gum disease…..this is certainly not my most fun post, but I thought sharing this experience (and baring my bottom crooked teeth!) might help someone else.

Invisalign tray; Pinterest
Invisalign tray; Pinterest

The process has been started – impressions were taken and I am now waiting for the ‘trays’ to be made…once they are ready, I will need to wear them for about 15 months, only removing them for brushing and meals…….this ‘old dog’ welcomes new tricks! Do you?

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  • I wore braces when I was in grade school, but was very bad about wearing the heavy rubber retainer at night after the braces came off. Years later, in my late 50’s I had braces put on my lower teeth, which were fairly crooked. After those braces came off my orthodontist glued a wire to the back of those teeth so I wouldn’t have to deal with a retainer. After a year, I couldn’t stand it & had him remove the wire. He was very angry about that, and wasn’t too gentle while he removed the wire. So now, I have a small retainer that I’m supposed to wear every night, it’s nothing like the huge retainer of yore. But I only wear it when I see my lower teeth getting out of alignment, then I force myself to wear it for a while. So, thanks for this post, I’m going to be more conscientious – for awhile!
    p.s. Try a waterpik, they’re great!


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