Lady Sings the Blues

Navy sheath dress from Ann Taylor, cardigan from Calypso
Navy sheath dress from Ann Taylor, cardigan from Calypso

Never royal blue, never powder blue, but this lady is crazy for NAVY blue! The darker the better, on the verge of black – but it isn’t black! Somehow it sings spring, and whispers a promise of summer… looks great with white, coral, or hot pink! Ginger would have worn navy with red accents, but for me that’s too predictable….This dress is one of the navy additions to my spring wardrobe – on sale at Ann Taylor, made of nylon and spandex, and actually feels like neoprene (scuba suit material)….it has a wide band of black at the waist, otherwise very simple and comfortable… I topped it with a fabulous sweater from one of my favorite shops, Calypso….there is one on Newbury Street and one in Chestnut Hill….even though their clothes are bohemian and ‘beachy’, you can take a piece like this coral cardigan and wear it different ways….010 Ginger’s gold beads are a regular ‘go to’ item for me….while I will also wear trendy costume jewelry, I like a classic look when it’s time to convey a serious image….

Blue suede shoes by Charles David
Blue suede shoes by Charles David

This lady is also singing about her blue suede shoes! Aren’t they sexy?? Believe it or not, they are also comfortable – I walked through LaGuardia airport in them and had them on all day…(ok, it was good to finally take them off…) Found them this year at Mad About Shoe in Winchester…

Off to work!  Burberry bag from Revolve in Belmont
Off to work! Burberry bag from Revolve in Belmont

The air smells like spring, the blossoms are in full bloom against the blue sky, and I am embracing my BLUE clothes! How about you?? Are you in the black rut?? Come sing the blues with me!!!! Haha….

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  • That dress looks like it was made for you! For some reason, I have an aversion to blue, though if I had to wear it, midnight blue would be my choice. Aside from the fact that I avoid sleeveless garments, the fabric may be a deal-killer. Once, when I went rafting, they gave us wet suits to put on since it was a cool day. But I had to jump out at the first chance & go back to the start – I felt like I was suffocating in the wet suit! So that was the end of rafting that day, I just hung out at the base & waited for my companions to complete their trip.

    • That’s hilarious! Hopefully I will stay on land in this! Midnight blue all the way….:-)

  • Navy is y all time favorite!!!! Love it paired with different colors….. Like you love it w/ coral…..Looks fab!!!!


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