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College_graduate_students Whether for high school or college, we are fully in midst of the season of graduation ceremonies and parties – YIPPEE!….not.
Let’s be honest, the ordeal of attending the ceremony and the ceremony itself can be near torturous….getting there early to get a good seat, walking god knows how far through crowds and crowds of families, sitting in an environment that is usually not comfortable, the speeeeeeches, the presentation of each diploma, one by one……..ugh.  And while each degree is without a doubt a highly valuable accomplishment, does one really need to ‘walk’ to feel fully graduated? Speaking for myself, no……When I graduated from BU in 1979, I skipped the ceremony – just mail me the diploma, thank you very much…..However, as you might expect, when each of my children graduated from college, they chose to walk so of course I attended the event for them……..For all others –  I support you, I applaud you, and I will look for any excuse to avoid the parade of masses….At the recent graduation of my niece and nephew, I volunteered to be in charge of party preparations….during the ceremony, I picked up the balloons, cupcakes, met the caterer, set up the home for guests….
Now that that’s off my chest, let’s move on to the two decisions related to graduation: what to give for a gift, and – you guessed it –  what to wear.
As everyone knows, you can’t go wrong with cash, especially as new grads are facing a new world of increasing independence…for a more personal gift, here are some of my favorites:
– For ladies, a nice handbag or tote bag; it is practical and will likely be appreciated for those starting a new job….prices can start as low as $75 depending on the brand/material and whether purchased at retail or a discounted store. Marmalade in Belmont Center has some nice low price point options.
– For the guys, a leather binder/folio is a nice luxury item; best selection will be at a luggage specialty shop.
– For something less costly, an inspirational book, perhaps one you found to be helpful….always nice to write a personal note inside the cover.
– Simple jewelry. For the ladies, there is nothing like a classic necklace or bracelet that will be enjoyed for years to come.
– For the young men ready to step up their wardrobe, I highly recommend a gift card to JCrew!
Ok, what the heck are you going to wear??? It really is not that difficult – just remember that this is a serious occasion, not a sporting event….please skip the jeans and sneakers. Especially if you are attending the ceremony, it calls for a jacket for the men and a ‘dressy casual’ look for the women….nice pants, skirts, blazers, dresses are all appropriate – no to flip flops, no to sexy/skimpy vacation clothes…

Nanette Lepore jacket, Theory blouse and shorts, Burberry scarf, Kork-Ease shoes
Nanette Lepore jacket, Theory blouse and shorts, Burberry scarf, Kork-Ease shoes

Dressed up Theory Bermuda shorts is what I wore to the niece and nephew’s graduation party….the silk sleeveless blouse gave it a dressier look, and the white jacket brightened up the darker colors….wearing heels instead of flats – way more flattering!

Theory blouse, longer in back, meant to be worn untucked
Theory blouse, longer in back, meant to be worn untucked
Off I go, gifts in tow!
Off I go, gifts in tow!
A proud moment!
A proud moment!

My niece and nephew, Dana (Wheaton grad) and Michael (Babson), with my sister Shelley and brother-in-law, Paul……

Happy Graduations!!!!  😉

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  • I agree to all of the above! I am not a fan of attending either…which doesn’t at all mean I’m not proud of those graduating. Love your gift ideas and love the bag u gave S….Now, what is in that Kate Spade bag?

    • That was our gift to Dana….a cross-body/handbag in ‘geranium’ (the Hayden)….perfect size and the bright color goes with everything. “Big girl” bag!


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