Revolve Mother’s Day Event

Organizing my Ginger-inspired selections!
Organizing my Ginger-inspired selections!

What do you get when you combine a group of lovely ladies, mimosas, an interactive seminar, a fashion show, and shopping??? Lots and lots of FUN!
We started out with a interactive discussion of ‘Lessons from Mom’….I shared some life lessons learned from Ginger and others shared lessons from their mothers…..”Never return an empty plate”…..”Don’t go to bed angry”…..”Marry an honest man”…etc….with several mothers and daughters in attendance, it was so interesting to hear perspectives from different generations….Then it was time for the fashion show which was a selection of outfits that would be ‘Ginger-approved’, modeled by the lovely Janet Kurtz of Arlington, MA.

Janet could go anywhere in this!
Janet could go anywhere in this comfortable, classy, and sexy look!

First outfit was showing one of Ginger’s favorite color combos: black, white and camel….shown here with a candy apple red Louis Vuitton bag, and fabulous Prada slingbacks.


Every needs at least one classic white jacket!
Everyone needs at least one classic white jacket!

You can’t go wrong with classics, and white blazers are incredibly versatile; they look great with everything from pencil skirts to jeans…..

Such a striking look! Black leather Theory jacket with slim white pants and gold ballet flats.
Such a striking look! Black leather Theory jacket with slim white pants and gold ballet flats.

Janet and I had never met before, but we had such fun trying outfits on her – she was easy to dress and made everything look good! Black leather worn with white pants is a bold look, and is a good base to add a wild print or bright colored scarf……no need to wait for Memorial Day to pull out your white pants!

OMG - Such a Ginger look!
OMG – Such a Ginger look!

Here is a great summer look whether you are in the city, on the coast of Maine, or on the Cape….the coral Lacoste polo looks terrific with the navy striped blazer, which would look equally nice with jeans or a white sheath dress…and contrary to what many think, horizontal stripes do not always make you look wider – they can actually be quite flattering….

Palm Beach prep!
Palm Beach prep!

How sweet does Janet look in this pink strapless dress??? (She actually bought it!)   Whether wearing the Lily Pulitzer look or other pink separates, they just ooze femininity… it off with a cropped denim jacket and off you go!

L to R: Chelsea, the Lexington store manager, Lisa Amato, me, Janet
L to R: Chelsea, Lisa, Candy, Janet

After the fashion show the shop was buzzing with energy! Ladies waiting in line for the dressing rooms, sharing life stories, comparing their great finds, asking each other for opinions….did I make any purchases?…..You bet I did!!!…..Can’t wait to show you……..;-)

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