On the Beach: THEN AND NOW

With every year that passes in middle age, thoughts of putting on a swimsuit can be daunting for men and women alike.   Since I turned 60 this January I was especially determined to get in my best shape ever for a planned  family vacation to Grand Cayman. (Good to have a specific goal!)  While Peter is not quite 60 yet, at 58 he was equally motivated.  After organizing our vacation photos to our computer, it was interesting to compare pics from exactly ten years ago.  You can certainly see the passing of youth, but you also see the results of hard work over time…

THEN; 2008 in St Maarten

NOW; 2018 in Grand Cayman     My suit top by Michael Kors, bottom by Vix.

THEN; 2008 in Aruba    Was I actually drinking a Pina Colada????

NOW; 2018, wearing the same Trina Turk bikini

THEN; 2008 in St Maarten

NOW; 2018  Swim trunks with skull and crossbones by JMcLaughlin

THEN; 2008

NOW; 2018   GRANDMA???


NOW: 2018   Wearing an elegant one piece for a change! By La Perla.

  • In the pics from 2008 I did not exercise at all.  I was fairly careful with calorie consumption and seem lucky to be blessed with good genes. Over the following two years the pounds started to creep on and it was clear that I needed to make a change.  Joined a gym in 2010.
  • In 2008 Peter would exercise (go for runs, lift weights at home), yet not routinely. Joining a gym together was good for both of us.
  • In the earlier pics I was about 15lbs heavier, and Peter’s waist size was 2 inches larger.
  • Exercise is now a routine for both of us; we go to the gym 6 days/week, generally at 5:30am (good to get it out of the way), for under an hour.

Since this recent trip was a family vacation, must close with a pic of our gang, all fitness devotees!  L to R: Peter, me, son Brad, son-in-law Tyler, daughter Hayley, 86 year old dad, grandchildren Henry and Emily.  :-)

THEN. NOW.  What about the FUTURE?  Ten years from now?  Oh boy…time will tell!

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  • Great photos! Good for you Candy. You are an inspiration and take all of the excuses away.
    A beautiful family and Ginger would be proud!!

  • So fun!!!!! Love the comparison! If I may be so bold I love the 2018 Candy! Your determination, strength and beauty shines brightly! Grandparents vacations ROCK!!!!!!!! I knew this would be your first, but not your last! Can’t do just one! So fun to watch you and Peter playful and frivolous with you family! Big hugs!

    • Thanks Linda! It was such a great time and definitely not our last!

  • You are an inspiration to this soon to be 60 year old (129 days and counting) my goal is to be a strong sexy 60.
    Thanks for the great blog!

  • Candy you must get tired of hearing this but you look absolutely terrific!! I love the black and red swimsuit best. You are an inspiration!!

    • Thank you Lori – the positive words actually inspire me to stay on track! The swimsuit you love is actually navy and red – a very upscale nautical look. Kind of Jackie-O! Found it last month at Everything But Water in the Burlington Mall. The top is Michael Kors, but I chose a navy bottom by Vix because I preferred the European cut. The Michael Kors bottom is also plain navy, it’s just cut a little fuller. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!


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