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 Maybe I’m an oddball. Perhaps I march to the beat of a different drum. Call me a pain in the ass if you must. Just don’t invite me to brunch, to a spa, or to a ‘girls night out’.


The words “Let’s do brunch!” can send me into panic mode – oh no, how do I get out of this, maybe I feign illness, maybe I’m out of town…Why the strong aversion, you say? A couple of very logical reasons, starting with the fact that I am usually out for dinner and drinks on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights – now I am going to get up on Sunday with a focus on eating and drinking again??? That’s my day to do things! Also, what’s the first thing you think of for food when you hear the word ‘brunch’? Grilled salmon on a bed of spinach with a bottle of Pellegrino? Unlikely. More like an unlimited buffet of carbs, Nutella stuffed French toast, monstrous omelettes, Belgian waffles with caramelized bananas, almond and chocolate croissants, mounds of muffins, bellinis, mimosas, etc.   You get it. No thanks.


What could possibly be wrong with a spa – a place where you go for the ultimate in pampering – massages, facials, manicures, pedicures…Nothing really wrong with it, but generally the times when a spa treatment is suggested to me it is unappealing.  Send a masseuse to my home on a Friday afternoon after a killer work week – yes! Book me a foot massage and pedicure after a day on the slopes – yes! Just don’t suggest spa treatments when I’m on a Caribbean vacation. Don’t suggest a visit to the spa when I’m on a weekend away at a resort, especially at one I have not been to before.

I do not want to go inside.

I do not want to close my eyes.

I do not want it by the sea.

I do not want it by a tall palm tree.

I do not want to visit the spa.

I do not want it near or far.


When I am away on vacation I want to be outdoors, active, engaging with others, exploring new places, and dancing on the beach.

Girls Night Out.

Don’t get me wrong – I very much enjoy getting together with a girlfriend for dinner, and going out to lunch and shopping with my daughter or sister. But when the sun goes down – the heels go up – and I like being in mixed company! Why leave the guys out? I like guys – and I especially like and enjoy my hubby. Maybe that’s the key point here…perhaps those that do not really enjoy ‘their guy’ (or guy wants to stay home) look for another way to have a fun night out.  Seems reasonable, just not for me.

Now let’s hear from YOU!!!!

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  • Brunch… HATE it!
    GNO… love it but only midweek. Saturday night is 100% date night for us
    Spa… usually don’t make time for it at home but I do like to get 1 treatment on vacation. Jim and I go together. I love a good facial or foot reflexology. He loves a massage. La prairie spa at the ritz in GC was the best facial I have ever had

  • I agree with Denise, love going out with a girlfriend mid week- weekends are date nights. Brunch can be after early church and consists of fruit, yogurt, granola and iced tea. The spa? I’ve had a facial or reflexology massage while at a hotel for a work meeting. Other than that? I don’t have time!


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