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Hooray, it’s Sunday!   A day to skip the gym, have a leisurely morning, then go off to do grocery shopping and errands before our traditional family dinner later in the day. Certainly a casual dress kind of day, but no Patriots sweatshirt for my guy!

This is a great casual look that can go anywhere – AND – even if you stay home! C’mon guys – don’t you want to look nice for your significant other?  The pants are essentially colored jeans, so you can’t say they aren’t comfortable enough…by JCrew.

Add a teeshirt with a cardigan sweater and you have perfected the ‘cool’ yet casual/comfortable look!

The cotton blend sweater is POLO, by Ralph Lauren, found at Bloomingdales.  What makes it ‘cool’: the fit is not too boxy and not too long, so not an ‘old man’ sweater. The fabric is a subtle waffle weave, which is more interesting than a plain knit. It does not have have the typical polo logo, so makes it less ‘mainstream predictable’.  Leaving one button open at top and one open at the bottom keeps the look neat, but not nerdy!

Put on your gym sneakers and you will kill the whole look. Gym sneakers are for the gym. End of story. There are plenty of comfortable shoe options with style, these by Johnston & Murphy, a well-made brand at reasonable prices. In addition to buying them at J&M stores, you can often find them at The Rack or Zappos.

Nothing too crazy to create this Sunday style – just a combination of simple pieces: colored jeans, nice shoes, a well-fitting cardigan, and a John Varvatos teeshirt – oh – did you figure out what’s on the tee?

John Varvatos makes interesting rock ‘n roll tees that are fun on their own, under a leather jacket, or on a lazy Sunday, under a cardigan. And if you are thinking they are only for millennials, think again!  They are for all ages!   And speaking of all ages, a much younger fellow was present as I was taking these pics and wanted a chance to pose himself… My handsome 3 year old grandson Henry! When on his way to Gigi’s house this Sunday, his mom asked him if he wanted to change his shirt. Of course he said no – Henry likes to look stylish too! :-)

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