Post-pandemic Style

A year at home. Zooming. Working remotely. Watching Netflix. No need for dressing well – from the waist down anyway, and most did not. According to many in the fashion industry – at least those that have written newspaper articles – comfy, casual clothes are here to stay, and that will be the new way of dressing, this post-pandemic style.

Pfft!! I don’t buy it for a second. People that never before enjoyed making an effort to look their best will surely use this as an excuse and continue to dress like lazy slobs. (Yup, I really said that.) Those who have always recognized the value of dressing well will do so again, and those like me who really enjoy dressing well never stopped in the first place. Here’s a business casual outfit that I recently wore to the office (we are transitioning back, hooray!)…

Classic and professional without being boring…certainly has a preppy vibe, but not in a dowdy way…let’s see why…

Number one reason is shoe choice…no ballet flat, no loafer, but instead a pointy toed booty with a three inch heel…adds instant edginess that balances the overall preppy look…

Second reason: feminine accessorizing…two long strands of pearls add a luxurious touch, and kinda sexy when they hang below your waist…

The white blouse is a year round staple from Anne Fontaine…as I have said before, not a bargain but worth every penny…machine washable, and looks just as cute with jeans or even shorts! Trousers are by Club Monaco; a great fit and reasonably priced…

DOWDY??? I don’t think so! 😉

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.

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